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“Insights from Balihoo have allowed us to invest in proven digital tactics versus heavy, untrackable traditional media.”

Mike Bevan
Director of Digital Marketing & Dealer Services

What You'll Learn from this Report

  • How the CPC of locally-relevant campaigns differs from national
  • What exactly micro-relevance is and why it outperforms
  • Why bid management platforms can't help you scale microrelevance


Relevance isn’t just a subjective concept any more—it’s an actual measurable element across many advertising platforms. A micro-relevance strategy, whether executed manually or by software, tends to improve measurements of quality while boosting consumer response rates. Advertisers then see a domino effect across performance metrics.

Let’s take a look at the raw data—real stats from dozens of brands that have used Balihoo to execute micro-relevance at scale.


Infographic: How Micro-Relevance Performs Across 20,000 Ad Groups